NTLDR is missing?

well i havea 40 gb hdd i want to install windows on i have to do it soon because windows is getting rid of support for win xp sp2. i have tried getting it to boot via usb but when i set it to boot from usb it said remove all media... and wouldnt let me go on until i removed the usb i was trying to boot from any ideas?

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You need to be a little clearer about what you are trying to get across.
You have tried getting what to boot via USB? Is it the installation disk, the hard drive or a bootable memory USB stick?
Also why do you feel that you absolutely have to do this now just because Microsoft is dropping support for XP? I have machines running Windows 98se & Windows 2000 both of which Microsoft have now stopped releasing updates for & they run perfectly well without Microsoft propping them up, as for security issues I have a decent antivirus, firewall & spyware/malware programmes running on them all.
Microsoft are continuing to release security updates & patches for XP until April 2014 so unless you have a real need to upgrade I wouldn’t panic too much about doing it right away, by that time we will probably be on Windows 8 or 9 & they will be talking about dropping Windows 7 support to panic everyone into upgrading yet again.
lemonie6 years ago

What USB / what were you trying to boot from?

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  lemonie6 years ago
it was just a usb flash/thumb drive

But what bootable-system was on it?

ARJOON6 years ago
from what media are you installing first. and also how did you put the windows on. you must first make the usb drive bootable