Need a solar system to run my fridge?

I live in a fish camp during the summer and we have to use a cooler and transport ice. No fun. Many times my stuff gets bad. I want to find a way to generate enough power to use a small fridge that was given to me. It is 117 volts , 1.5 amps. Please help. If there is another way, I want to avoid using a generator.

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A few considerations:

  • A regular mini-fridge with a compressor would be rather heavy, but it is more efficient than a Peltier cooler.
  • Evaporative cooling is better still, since it requires no electricity at all.
  • A thoroughly-insulated cooler with a big block of dry ice could keep your food cool for a week. If you keep the cooler in a foam-lined hole in the ground, you may get even better results.
  • Is it possible to preserve your food more thoroughly, such as with salt, sugar, saltpeter, vinegar, tomato paste, drying, or other methods?

AndyGadget8 years ago
How about this one
(Sorry - I just couldn't resist it ;¬)
The sensible answer is it wouldn't be easy. 117 volts x 1.5 amps is around 200 watts (allowing for losses). You would need a 12V to 110V inverter capable of this, which would need an impractical number of solar cells. Much better to build yourself a really well insulated container to do this. You could include a small 12V car socket powered cooler with a fan in it.
Using a peltier effect device and 3 solar panels it should be possible if you're in a sunny area.
The solar panels produce 5W each (they're 2' x 1') and you'd use these to charge a lead/acid battery (at around 1 A). The peltier uses 5A at 12V, so if the box was very well and the peltier was only on 1/5 of the time you'd be OK.
You'd need a thermostat circuit and charging to do a bit of switching, of course.
That last paragraph got a bit corruptred in the editing, but I think you'll get the gist.
lemonie8 years ago
Perhaps you could modify a propane unit, to use solar heat in place of burning-gas? L
keydogstony8 years ago
I'm sure your looking for something to reuse your existing unit, however there are some solar and propane units available. But, your looking at least $700 to $1200 for one of these. Google up SunDanzer.