Need build plans for dbl carport?

I need plans on building a sturdy double carport.  I purchased one of those HD packages made with metal rods and vinyl top but I am afraid it will be too flimsy and think I can invest that money in the material for a DIY if I can find a good inexpensive plan.  Thanks for the help.

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vdriver2 years ago

I am building and documenting a Car Port on Kickstarter

Search for; Solar Car Port

jacksander4 years ago
If you are still looking for detailed plans about building a double carport, you could check this project. Good luck with your project!
kcgirlintx (author)  jacksander4 years ago
Thanks jacksander, for the link. It looks to be exactly what I need, however I believe we have decided to go ahead and try to sell the property and won't be building any premenant structures now.
Burf6 years ago
Take look HERE.
kcgirlintx (author)  Burf6 years ago
Thanks Burf. I looked around on the internet and did find a few sites offering free blueprints but most were for 1 car but this link you supplied looks like it might have a free 3D option on there that may help me out.