Need explain of AC-DC transformer

Hello , i need some axplain about this AC-DC transformer schematic .What does the diode and resistor in series do in this schematic ? Can i use a KBP206 to replace the 4 diodes(bridge) ?
Thanks for advance!

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iceng5 years ago
First transformers are AC only..

The Resistor limits the led current to about 10 ma.

Without any resistor the led current would be 10 Amperes or more,
resulting in a very bright very short color changing light flash as the
led destroyed itself....

login721 (author)  iceng5 years ago
Thanks. i mean AC to DC transformer.
But in schematic , the diode is 1n4001, not the led , that make confused, why they put it here ??
iceng login7215 years ago
The 1N4001 are the four 1Amp 50 PRV diodes.
The red  is not a 1N4001 but is meant to be the LED.

The DC bridge that changes AC to DC see the pic.

lemonie5 years ago
Right of your diodes you've got a DC voltage regulator, and  to the left a transformer.
What is a KBP206?