Need help

I am using hp laptop is not reading a specific internet network by an ethernet cable.But if use a switch near to my laptop it reads bt speed is very low.It has started after a thunderstorm,any solution please???

jbaker227 months ago

if reinstalling drivers does not fix it, then you can get a usb ethernet adapter.

iceng7 months ago

T storms are very tricky and damaging with multiple Pre-Streamers that may not even connect..

It's most probable there are dead shorted CMOS gates in your equipment and replacing Enet connected guts is the only method reasonably available now..

Presumably you have power-cycled the non-working switch and tried a different port and cable?

With regards to the other switch that works with your laptop, what connection speed are you getting?

If you haven't already, try a different laptop/desktop with these network switches to see if the problems are replicated.