Need help finding a a translucent rubber that can be molded into a lasting reusable shape

I am looking for a rubber that could be molded around a pen to create a case for it.

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BLASTFEMI3 years ago

Why not silicone that comes in the tube like caulking or Lexel?

instamorph works very well but isn't all that flexible. However it is molded by hand and can be remolded if you melt it in boiling water

SebastianK1 (author)  sean_sylvester13 years ago
I really need a rubber cell phone case like material. I have access to a lazer cutter so I don't need to mold it necessarily.
Thanks for the help
Kiteman3 years ago

Do you mean a case to store it in?

SebastianK1 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
No, more like a working case. I am looking for a end result that would be a material similar to rubber silicone cellphone cases

The only moldable rubber version I can think of is Sugru/Oogoo (see Triclaw), but it's not translucent.

Polymorph (see Rickharris) is translucent, and sets very smooth, but not rubbery.

rickharris3 years ago

Shapelock / polymorph

Triclaw3 years ago


I think that's the sort of thing your looking for