Need help searching for information.. SEO related?

I need help finding a website, I've tried dozens of search terms and not come up with what I've needed, so posted in the hope that someone knew of a site like I'm describing or could offer better search terms. Since SEO (search engine optimisation) is such a profitable business all I'm getting is companies trying to sell me SEO services.

What I'm after....

Is a site that you paste a URL and tell it search terms and it does searches at the top 5 or 10 search engines then tells you the ranking of your site with those search terms at those 5 or 10 search engines. (I want to find out the google, ask, yahoo etc ranking of one of my instructables, depending on the search terms used)

This service MUST exist, I just can't find it :( If it doesn't exist, I'll bloody well write my own site to do it as I can't be the only one that wants to do this :p

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kelseymh7 years ago
The query is "search ranking reports".  The first few hits ought to help.
Jayefuu (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Thanks! That's exactly what I was after. Don't know how I didn't get that combination of words, wasn't just being lazy I promise!
I believe you!  My guess is you only searched the topic of search rankings, rather than including "report."
RitaR303 months ago

Look here at In my opinion, this is what you need.

ataylor26 years ago

There are some great free tools by which you can create a lot of back links. You need to create good quality back links on high pr sites. And then i guess you should start checking your keyword ranking.
There are some free seo tools out there if you look. Try some of the firefox addons like rank checker or you can download a free trial version of ibp which in the demo version lets you check the ranking of up to 10 keywords. Webmaster tools alows you to see which keywords are in google. But after reading your seo question again, I can see that what you are after is different. Try internet marketing london as they may know whats the best solution.
JenniC7 years ago

Another way, use a tool like biterscripting to grab search results from various sites and filter them.

Use these commands to see what URLs various sites provide for the keywords - help wanted salaried software IT california.

scr SS_URLs.txt URL(" wanted+salaried+software+IT+california")
script SS_URLs.txt URL(" wanted+salaried+software+IT+california")
# etc.

These commands are in biterscripting. Download it from if this helps.

sagearbor7 years ago
I believe the time would be better spent learning how to modify the search or making that automated.  For example if someone types in "CrazyScience pdf" and googles,  it could be converted to "crazyscience filetype:pdf" to only get back pdfs.  garbage in garbage out, so yahoo, google probably want make the leap to truly different pages you want.