Need help to know why my instructable is rated so low?

Just out of curiousity, if anyone ever looks at, could you please tell me what I could do differently or better? I like constructive criticism and since I am rated 1.7 it OBVIOUSLY needs some work. I do not mind the poor rating except that I have NO idea what I did wrong or poorly. I would really like to do better next time. Thanks for any help.

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Marsh8 years ago
I took a look and it seems you could use more details. You say to cut a pattern, but you don't describe it very well. Even a small dress is fairly complicated for someone who has never done it before. A pdf of the pattern would have come in handy. As far as ratings go, your response ratio is pretty good. Nearly 10% of your viewers have rated you. You can always update the instructable and your rating may rise.
monique707 years ago
It's an interesting topic but since Barbie is pretty much a standard size in all her versions even if you couldn't add a pdf it would help if you just gave the measurements you used (and mentioned how much seam allowance you have added).For example on my Barbie your pattern would be a rectangle 15.5 cm wide (with a 1cm seam allowance included) X 23 cm long (with 2 -1cm seam allowances included at the top and bottom).
kylara70 (author) 8 years ago
I hate to choose one "best answer" because several of you were very helpful.  Thanks SOOO much for taking time to look at my ible and give me pointers.  I am working on adding more steps and details.  I can even add that PDF of my pattern (never would have thought of that).  These pointers will also help in the future for my next ible (which my daughter is already trying to come up with)   :)

Thanks again!
acidbass8 years ago
not enough people have looked at it
lemonie8 years ago
It doesn't interest me, but it's not bad. At the current rating it's very averagely rated, which seems OK. Seems the 1.7 was erroneous (kelseymh)

kelseymh8 years ago
That value was a database glitch on the server side. Your I'ble only has seven ratings at the moment (Thursday 1 Oct). The way the overall rating is computed, the site-wide average is incorporated, so that one bad rating can't pull your net number way low (and one good rating can't pull it artificially high).

Your value of just over 3 means that those seven ratings must "all" (or most) be 3.5 or better, which is not a bad thing.
jeff-o8 years ago
Looks like you have a 3.03 right now. Most people's instructables hover between 3 and 4, so you're doing well. Below 3 usually means a poorly written instructable, and above 4 means a really well documented one, with an interesting subject.
Gorfram8 years ago
What others have said, plus - um, well - your subject... People who consider fashion/Barbie dolls controversial and politically incorrect are probably a small minority on this site. There are proably more people on this site who consider Barbie dolls interesting and fun hobby subjects (or who have kids who do :), but they are probably still fairly small proportion of Instructables users. People whose interest is not really engaged by Barbie/fashion dolls probably make up the vast majority of Instructables users. A few (that is, between 3 and 5) of these users may have been sullen teenagers of the "what bores me makes me angry" school of thought who unfairly gave your Instructable very low ratings. This does not mean that there is anything at all wrong with Barbie/fashion dolls. It probably does mean that there is something wrong with sullen teenagers of the "what bores me makes me angry" school of thought. However, such teenagers seem to be an inevitable side effect of the human reproductive process, and thus will always be with us. While it could do with some improvement in detail and in quality of description, yours is a decent, solid Instructable - don't let the sullen teenagers get you down. :)
Re-design8 years ago
You've found one of the sore spots on this site. One of yours has 130 views and 3 ratings and one has 980 and 5 ratings. Most people don't bother to rate anything when they view. I try to remember to rate the one's that I look at especially one that I'm interested in. It's the same way with picking the best answer. Probably less than 5% of the questions ever get a best answer picked. How do we know if any of the answers worked or even if the questioner even bothered to come back and look at the answers. I looked at both of your instructables and they are better than a lot that I've seen. You could probably make them better by adding more steps and more pictures. Someone said on one of these answers that you can't have too many instructions and photos. Take a look at some of the inst. that are rated high and compare them to yours. Unfortunately you are not interested in knex, tesla coils, making dangerous chemicals or stealing power. Those always seem to be rated highly regardless of the quality. Good luck.
frollard8 years ago
As marsh says - you did great with lots of pictures but it needs more specific details... As for why it's rated so low - It had 2 ratings before I rated it - meaning both of them must have been ~1*. I understand sewing isn't everyone's cup of tea, but thats harsh for anything deserving of at least 'average'. Frankly that's an unfair rating - it's a 3.5 to be honest. Effort + pictures is worth at least that much.