Need help with this MICRO camera ...?

Hello ... I would like to kindly ask anyone, that is good in electronics for help. I add 3 pictures of the SPY PEN and my questions are about the small camera(JH 70-B). I would like to make this camera to make VIDEO via a cable (not to write it on memory) ... but just by a (RCA) cable so I can use any recorder I would like.

I have a few questions, that are bothering my mind and I can't help my self :(

1. would the camera be able to give video signal by it self or does it need some part of the PCB board ??? ... (I mean ... if I would give + and - to some of those pins ... and find one pin, that would give the video signal)

2. If I need the part of the PCB board ... could you show me, where would be the VIDEO signal ??? And where would be +/- ???

In my (totally amateur) opinion, I think, I will need a part of the PCB ... but I don't know, which of all these components are part of the "camera"to give video signal.

Thanks for any advise ... zholy

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gmxx8 years ago
 judging from how many pins it has, it probably is a closed system. if you wanted to do as described, you would need a controller system. the cost would probably not be justifiable when you can get readymade products doing what you want for about $80
lemonie8 years ago
You need a device to read the output from the camera and encode it to a video-stream. I'm thinking that this is set up for stills? You'd be better with something like a web-cam I think.