Need help with wires and 12 volt timer

Need some step by step help. I have a 12 volt timer 
I need to know how to connect the wires. What tabs to use and how to connect to the timer. I am a novice but trying hard to figure this out. The timer is for our RV frig btw.

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TN_FIXIT2 years ago

Connect the + battery to one of the power side tabs on the timer. Connect the - battery terminal to the other power side tab on the timer.

Run a small jumper wire from the + input tab over to one of the switch tabs. Connect your refrigerator + wire to the remaining, empty switch tab. Finally, connect your refrigerator - wire to the battery - terminal.

The switch allows current to flow through the + wires when closed and breaks the current flow when open.

Try looking for a manual or data sheet on the timer. Just start googleing any information on the timer that you have.
mphillips13 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
I tried believe me LOL. Nothing except how to connect the wires ONCE they are tabbed and ready to set. I need the help before that. I need help how to tab the wires. Thanks!
Look at the back. There should be a switch symbol, and a power symbol. Follow them....
mphillips13 (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
They have both but not understanding what you mean to follow?
Connect 12V to one of the switch pins AND one of the supply pins - it looks on the pictures I have that you can connect the +ve supply to either pin.

Connect your load to the OTHER switch pin (assuming the current rating of the switch is OK for the load)

Connect the -ve supply to the other side of the load AND to the other supply pin