Need parts for Advent VideoBeam 1000A, any suggestions where to look?

A friend of mine and myself have some Advent VideoBeam 1000A s and are looking for parts or other sets to aquire. I am also interested in setting up a Website for this also.

If you are still looking for advent items we have several circuit boards and service manuals for it if you are interested. Farnsworth electronics, 319-234-6681 also we have many vintage items and parts on our ebay store
lhh37 years ago
I have three projectors and three screens in the DFW area. They have been in storage for quite a while but two of the projectors were still working when they were stored (no guarantees now though). There are two large screens and one small screen. I also have a service manual and a couple of home-made stands for the large screens.
Vern287 years ago
What parts are you looking for?  I have a few tubes and transistors.