Need some good color combinations

Got some new wheels for my bike that were dirt cheap..Only problem is I need some good colors that will make the bike look amazing. The rims are yellow and the spokes are black. Help me out. Be creative.

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jeff-o7 years ago
Paint the frame to look like a wasp or yellowjacket.
Re-design7 years ago
The frame would look so cool painted hot pink with metal flakes of gold.
LOL.  Suuuuuure it would.  ;)
lemonie7 years ago
Red / Yellow / Green.


frollard7 years ago
Search for "complementary colour wheel" on google and the images will show a bunch of combinations.  Pick your favourite colour for the main colour and it will give you the appropriate complements.

There are also contrast wheels...and a few others!
Burf7 years ago
Paint the frame yellow to match the rims, a black saddle, black handlebar grips and a couple of black decals on the frame.
Then set it all off with a pair of chrome or black with a yellow stripe, stubby fenders.
Stick with yellow and black, and do the whole bike as a tribute to 80's Christian hair metal band Stryper. Add a custom seat with the Stryper logo, and a rockin' sound system playing the appropriate tunage, and go down in history as the builder of the most epic tribute bike ever.
Maybe a paint job like a yellow jacket, or perhaps a checkered cab; bonus points for finding a bike light with trim like the old-style chrome headlights.