Need some help with my Redcode program.

Hi all. I just recently got into the sport of Core Wars, and have started writing my first warrior. However, every time it is run, it ends up crashing. Here is the code:

DAT 0,0
DAT 0,3
DAT 0,9
DAT 0,-7
ADD #2,-1
MOV -4,@-2
ADD #-2,@-4
MOV -6,@-5
SNE 6,-7
JMP -6
ADD #1, -12
MOV -13, @-13
JMP -2
DAT 0,0

The idea here is to lay down SPL 0 bombs throughout the core and then hit it with a DAT 0,0 carpet when it wraps around to itself. But, when it's run, it gets hit with it's own bombs. I can't figure out what is the matter. I would be extremely grateful for some help.