Need to connect LED driver/controller to LED emitter.

  I have a 8.4V SST-50 5-Mode Memory Circuit Board & a SST-50 LED emitter. From the lower board are 2 leads presumably from the power source. If so,  then where are the leads that connect the controller to the emitter attached? 

Can anyone (knowledgeable) PLEASE tell me how to connect them. Be as specific & detailed as you can. reply to:gjax00n@gmail.com

                                                                               Thanks big          cgc210

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lemonie5 years ago

Why is this in pieces, did you take it apart?

cgc210 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
I bought them as components
lemonie cgc2105 years ago

Interesting - there was no datasheet / instructions with 'em I guess?
Like Frollard said, the 2 rings on the back are to fit into a flashlight -connect them to the LED emitter.


cgc210 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
I agree, "no datasheet / instructions". The package was pretty skimpy, I expected a little more than just the parts. I've done a little more research & may follow some the other Inet ideas w/respect to increased amp output. I'm open to any additional ideas you may be able to offer. I appreciate the input from you & Frollard. Mucho thanks to you 2.

frollard5 years ago
those leads are TO THE DIODE!

The 2 rings on the back are to fit into a flashlight. The outer ring gets soldered to the flashlight body, and the inner ring directly contacts the battery + terminal. It's best to solder a small battery compartment spring on here so it doesn't change modes accidentally if running in battery mode. Otherwise, you can just solder the + wire in the centre, the - wire to the outer ring.

I just installed a replacement in my SST-50 flashlight.