Need to hollow out a rectangular cut into thousands of dowel rods?

Hi All,

I need to hollow out rectangular cuts into thousands of dowel rods. Is there a high end tool(s) that would make this a quick task so I could knock out at least 10 an hour?

Or are there companies who provide custom wood pieces in bulk at a reasonable price?

Thanks all!!

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rickharris3 years ago

mortice bits tend to be rather costly - IF you really need 1000's why make them from wood? Make a mould and use a pourable resin to manufacture.

If you can tell us what they are for perhaps we know of a better alternative.

barbaracj (author)  rickharris3 years ago

I never expected this many guys rock. Great suggestion Rick.

I am the CEO of a new company called Band-IT All. We have two major alternative household projects/products in the works geared towards SIGNIFICANTLY reducing the amount of plastic consumption in the US. I am talking SIGNIFICANT. This product will provide a GREEN solution...A whole lot more product with hundreds of other uses. It will provide an alternative to all the plastic bag sealing clips on the market. I chose wood because it is natural, durable (lifetime warranty).

The Dowel will be an accessory for airtight sealing opened bags of product in five different markets. Grocery, Pet, Hardware/Workshop/Handyman, Children's toys, and General Storage. The dowel is an optional accessory (ensure's bag is almost 100% airtight) to be used with the strongest, most flexible, durable, reusable (also lifetime warranty) oversized rubber bands in the retail market today. The bands are 7% stronger than parachute bands. They stand up to harsh detergents, are latex free, approved to touch food, washable/reusable, can withstand the harshest of environments from 50 below zero to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

They bounce right their original size without minimal loss of elasticity. I have attached a picture of the first prototype (which was not strong enough to my liking)..even so..when testing the first prototype, I hung this jug of windshield washer fluid outside of my shed back in May 2013. It is still very much "alive" having gone through hot summer months, direct sunlight, rain, snow, below freezing temperatures. (My wife made me move it inside the shed because it was an eyesore LOL).

Going back to the can just roll up the bags and slap the bands on..put slipping the opened top of the bag through a dowel, THEN rolling the back closed before putting on the bands has proved to provide a tighter seal.

I will also have a wooden handle enabling easy transport of large heavy bags of rock salt, horse feed, dog food, bird seed, etc.

If you gents are willing to shoot me your email addresses I will gladly send you the entire package of goods as a thank you for helping me out with this.




What kind of tools do you have available? Do you have a drill press or a router? If you have a drill press you can get a bit that will cut a square hole. This will allow you to cut the ends. Then if you have a router you can plunge it in at the square holes and finish off the cut. To streamline the process a bit it would help to make a jig to hold and clap the pieces down where they need to be. This way you can drop the bowel into the jig and slam the drill press down to quickly knock out the first holes. Then another jig to hold them in place and provide a track for the router to ride in so the cuts stay unifor as you rout out the middle section.

barbaracj (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

Thanks! I have both but I am a newbie and still haven't figured out the router (don't laugh LOL). I didn't realize you can purchase a bit that can cut a square hole. Thanks for the quick replies guys.

It's a standard bit but has a square chisels around it. So as you plunge it into teh wood the bit is drilling out a hole and the chisel is finishing off the sides. If your router has a table it would be easier to do. If not you may want to find a way to mount the router upsidedown.

Jig essential or you may find router and fingers don't mix well.

Jayefuu3 years ago

mphilchfamily has the right answer. Out of interest, what are you using these for?

barbaracj (author) 3 years ago

Thanks Joe!!

Cut the rectangle with a wood router and finish the ends with a chisel.

You should be able to find a custom wood worker that would do it in bulk for a good price