Need to make a bag for a large drum. What fabric should I use and where can I find a pattern?

 The drum is really large. Something like 71" wide and 22" High or so. Need a really solid fabric and could really use a pattern

Re-design8 years ago
To make it:

Use the drum as the pattern.  cut two circles of fabric a little bigger than the drum is around.  Then cut a rectangel of fabric that will go around the drum and is a little longer than the drum is tall.  Sew the edges together (you are making the cover inside out}.  Remove the cover, then turn the cover right side out and put it back on the drum.
seandogue8 years ago
What's the purpose of the cover? Is it meant to be weather proof or simply a cosmetic covering? Does it need to protect the drum from blunt trauma?
jtp1398 years ago
 you could do canvas which you can find at any fabric store, or a heavy weight nylon. i'm not sure where you 'd find a pattern. if it's just a simply cylindrical shape it should be fairly easy to come up with something.