Need to run Windows 98 product on Windows XP computer.

I have a compact portable single sheet scanner from 1998 and obviously its platform is Windows 98. I am looking for a program like one I had from a previous employer called SloMo, it would slow down the microprocessor to allow the company's Win'98 products to be serviced by Windows 2000 or XP. Does any one have a source on where I might look for a simular program ? This can be a shareware or purchase software.

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This clearly sounds like you need the appropriate drivers. Search the manufacturer's website, and if that doesn't work use the search engine of your choice. The speed of the processor will have zero to do with this. All communications to and from the scanner are controlled by the motherboard, and it will only communicate at the speed of the scanner. The problem is that your computer has no idea how to speak that scanner's language without the drivers. If you can't find the drivers, the last solution (and one that almost never works) is to run the Win 98 drivers in compatibility mode. This is, however, only possible if the installer is an executable file. If it's an .inf, you can always try loading it manually by using the Add New Hardware wizard. Either way, since the kernal for XP differs greatly from Win 98, these methods will most likely fail, or at best work with a lot of bugs.
jamiec538 years ago
try running it off a virtual pc.
gmxx8 years ago
When you install or run that application (at least on xp, not sure about 2000) you can right click the install.exe and the applications.exe after install,and go to properties. There will be an item when it opens called compatibility mode. Try running the programs using that set for windows 98
Foxtrot70 (author)  gmxx8 years ago
Hi I tried the compatibility mode as you suggested and an error msg returns "Unable to open TWAIN DL_file" any suggestions? I have tried using the other mode selections unfortunately, no success. Foxtrot70
gmxx Foxtrot708 years ago
try getting a driver. you could also run windows 98 in a virtual machine or a different partition. failing that, i would say get a new scanner
lemonie8 years ago
Or is your problem that you don't have XP drivers for the scanner?
I can't see software of that type from that time needing a slowdown, and underclocking the CPU would do that if you did need it.

seandogue8 years ago
Obrut might work for you. It's purpose is for load testing of a computer's processor(s) but can also be used to slow down the PC for older apps