Needle Size?

What size needle is recommended for embroidery sewing?

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jessyratfink7 months ago

Honestly, I do not pay attention to the needle size since they are not often labeled clearly. I would recommend the largest embroidery needle you have at first! It will make it easier to sew.

Oh, I see now you HAVE embroidery needles. The answer is to use the larger size "eye" for larger threads like the wool yarn shown. If I am using a single strand of embroidery floss ( it has 6 when you buy it), I may use a regular hand sewing needle.

Embroidery needles are normally sold in different packages than needles for sewing fabic and are labeled as such. The are not sharp so they do not pierce the threads of the fabric one is working on, but pushes them to one side if the needle's point or the other. They are somewhat flat and blunt and have very large long eyes, especially if they are "crewel" needles for holding wool yarn, which won't go through the eye of a "regular" hand stitching needle. Needles for "silk ribbon embroidery" may have a sharper point. There are no rules except what works well for you.