New black and decker single charger problem

I bought a new b&d single charger and when i put my new battery in( slider tape) , the charger  red light  will not stop blinking what is wrong.

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It just amasing that people think Instructables can explain it al...
LOL ;)

I know. It's funny! I feel like madame Cleo sometimes, trying to perceive what's broken with other people's busted stuff. ;-P

Aww, Common; that's the Fun bit !

It turns out there's a word, "cybrarian", for people who look up information for other people using the web. Well, that's part of the job description.

I just learned about that word today, because, coincidentally, it's M-W's word of the day today.

Or maybe it's not a coincidence, rather just another example of the spooky serendipity that comes with being an Instructables question-answerer. I mean I was there, at M-W, to look up a completely different word.

rickharris2 years ago

My new electric drill refused to charge. A wire had fallen off one of the charging clips the battery slides into.

Always worth looking for the simple things.

have you checked out what the manual says?

from what I could find even though I don't have your exact model number is that apparently fast blinking red means the battery pack is no good and slow blinking red means it's charging and solid red means it's charged

Yeah check the Manual, and send B&D a Email.

Kiteman2 years ago

If it's new, you can take it back...

iceng2 years ago

The battery is the wrong type or wont accept a charge.

iceng iceng2 years ago

B&D VersaPak GOLD is the old NiMH batteries with the attendant charge memory problems.