New gun mechanism?

Howdy guys, i was looking on making a gun.

But me being me, I dont want to make the same as everyone else. Is there a mechanism concept out there that has not been done yet that I could try?


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TheDunkis6 years ago
You should help me out and make a near frictionless RBG mech. That would actually be quite impressive feat considering all the mechs I see have poor trigger designs that can't handle a lot of bands.

Else you can try something really complicated if you want. Try making either a pin or sling gatling gun style weapon with a pump. It would rotate every time you cocked it with the pump so you could charge the weapon multiple times and then fire off a shot for each pump. How the heck you'd add a magazine to make the concept useful though, I don't know.
rickharris6 years ago
Rubber band gun.
a rotary cylinder which when it turns around, it pushes the pins back then releases them firing ammo, in theory, it works. it is a lot harder to get proper results tho cos of the strength of the motors and such.
yokozuna6 years ago
One concept you can try is making your tags relevant to the question/project instead of using it to troll.
stale566 years ago
Nothing really that I've noticed, but if you want some ideas, here are some I've had back in my hay-day.

The first few pictures are of a trigger system I made a while ago, though, I never really publicly released them. I've made a few pump action guns with this mech and currently have one with a TR8 turret at the end.
The third picture is of the mech in the original gun I made it for (the gun above is a basic RBG, pay little attention to it; there isn't anything new about it).

The fourth picture is an RBG mech I made a while ago. It uses the grey gears for resistance allowing it to have a controllable RoF, but I could never get the right amount of gears correct. And the RoF wasn't stable.

orngy 010.JPGPump action.jpgorngy 007.JPGknex 018.JPG