New iphone 6?

The say we, the iPhone 6 is still quite far from its 'official sunrise' but rather as close as it advances now seem to be the two official versions of the device, while the price of the basic model would be around the 710 euro and then a figure even lower than the launch of the iPhone 5S 16 GB (729 €). On the price, in fact, we feed more than a suspicion that they may arrive at certain levels, but never say never, especially if the version phablet will come to the top of the hill 900 Euros and will represent the true top of the line. So, in summary, and using as a yardstick the dollar, the iPhone economy is expected to cost between 650 and 800 dollars, while the Apple iPhablet would bring with it a price that the sfiorerebbe 950-1000 dollars.

Francesca Diamanti (author) 3 years ago

According to experts the new iPhone 6 will be the smartest phone ever put on the market...

And will this intelligence be great enough to lay low the pitiful carbon based world intellect ?

iceng3 years ago

Newbies, even gaming programmers don't know about our Forums :-)

Burf3 years ago

Was there a question in there or just hype for the new iPhone?