New teacher to the site, curious about Pro and if it is still available for free for teachers?

Hey all,

I'm new to the site and I am excited to get into all the stuff on the site.  My specific questions deals with Pro for teachers and if it is still available for free.  The post I saw was old and I can't find it again (really just didn't want to look that hard) and I was wondering how I could get in on that good stuff.

I look forward to posting and checking out the content.  I have a few students that have used the site for little projects of their own.  I spent some time today showing some of the students the site on my iPad and talking about getting involved next year.  I might even have a pair that will have an instructable to share in the next few weeks.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to collaborations.

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randofo6 years ago
Yes it is. Email teachers [at] instructables {dot} com with an official school email address.
iceng randofo6 years ago
How about retired electrical engineers born in the capital city of a country
that no longer exists and working to elevate this grand country as much
as teachers and politicians ??  ;-Þ

kelseymh iceng6 years ago
You were born in Washington, DC? Cool!
iceng kelseymh6 years ago
He he he
My wife's a retired teacher too !
Vyger iceng6 years ago
I suppose getting a copy of a teaching certificate from a country that is no more would be a little difficult.
In Montana you don't need to be certified to be a substitute teacher, just a HS graduate.
iceng Vyger6 years ago
The capital city Praha had no objections for my getting a dual citizenship USA and Czech republic But the secret police in my home town nixed it ostensibly
my Grand Father was a capitalistic tractor manufacturer !