Newly hatched Japanese Quails

My quail eggs have hatched but 50% of the baby quails cannot walk.  Their legs stick out from the side of their bodies.  They seem healthy but craw around the brood box. The good ones can walk on the straw covered brood box.  They just cannot stand
Any ideas as to what has happened?

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rickharris5 years ago
Classic problem
Its amazing what you can learn every day.
Chickens get it as well if the flooring is too slippery.
Are you talking from experience Rick ?

Sort of, I have hatched 4 new chicks - they are 3 weeks old. I put them in a brood box with newspaper in th bottom but was alerted by a more knowledgeable person on another forum about the splay leg thing so they are now on deep wood shavings.

Its easily remedied by strapping their legs together for a few days until they get strong enough to keep them in.

Pictures here

Perry The pom (author) 5 years ago
G'day All,
Thank you for your help and suggestions.
Cheers Perry