Nikon D60 Grip with shutter release?

I have a Targus D60 grip with vertical shutter release for my D60, is there a way to make the shutter button physically trigger the camera instead of IR? There is a set of contacts in the Battery Box, are any connected to the shutter?

Picture of Nikon D60 Grip with shutter release?
Do we have any clues to what these contacts do? Obviously there are the 3 battery contacts, +,- and "s" (what does "S" do?)

Then there's that pair of square, gold looking things, which may be some kind of ribbon film, and the 5 circular points as well.

They could be some kind of testing circuit for the software or something...?
macwhiz (author)  Dream Dragon5 years ago
The S allows for balance charging for the 2 cell LiPo Battery, and Im trying to figure out if the round or square contacts are connected to the trigger in any way
macwhiz (author) 5 years ago
I also know that the contacts are on the shutter board. I will test for continuity between contacts when I press the shutter.