Nintendo DS will not turn on, it got wet?

My Nintendo DS Lite got wet and now when plugged into the charger i just get the orange charge light on and nothing else, it wont even power up. Can anyone help PLEASE?

chances are the battary might of shorted out. will it run off the adapter lead?
frogbaybee8 years ago
*****uncooked rice*****
frogbaybee8 years ago
put the device into rice for like an hour it will pull out the water and absorb it into the rice...........
Kiteman8 years ago
Open it up as much as possible (battery cover off etc) and put it somewhere warm for a day or so. Take the battery out at the same time. When it's had time to dry thoroughly, try running it off the adaptor without the battery in. If it works, and then you get the same problem when you put the battery back, the battery is dead, simply get a new one.