No Question but here are some tips I know?

Tape together the cleaner solvent and the glue cans side-by-side. Less to move around, and you'll always need both.

If NOT needing a water/air tight bond you can mix the solvent & glue together then coat the pipe to glue. Saves time, but not strong enough for plumbing.

(Check at the store first on this one. Been awhile since I used this. )
A 1-1/2" piece of CPVC (gray pipe) is just the right size for splicing together two pieces of 2" pipe. Just slip it inside for a 'hidden' fitting.

I didn't see this, but be sure to hold your pipes together for 5-10 seconds when gluing. The chemical weld causes a slight expansion that will push the pipe out of the fitting up to halfway. Then it bonds!!

audreyobscura6 months ago

These are great tips! If you make an Instructable out of them, I can link to your i'ble from this class :D