No projects?

I just finished the class and other than a few breadboard examples there were no projects. You stated what supplies were required for this class in order to do the projects but there were no projects. I spent money buying what you suggested but never used them. What gives? I really feel cheated.

randofo3 months ago

The projects were removed from all classes and moved to my profile as individual instructables.

You can find them here:

Where in the class does it still mention projects? I would be happy to remove this and correct it.

It says it on the first or second page

jtsliker (author)  randofo3 months ago


In lesson 3, "For example, it is a great battery for the guitar pedal we are going to be building in the transistor project."

In lesson 4, "Over the course of this lesson we will discuss switches and how they work. All of this will culminate with a project."

In lesson 5, "Finally, we will bring everything together and make an audio mixer."

In lesson 6 there is a project, the vibrobot, but the materials needed were not in the list of materials you stated in lesson 1 that were needed for this class.

In lesson 7, "We have already encountered this principle of motor direction when building the Useless Machine project in the Switch Lesson."

In lesson 9, "To demonstrate transistors we will make a Moon Night Light."

Thanks again for the class.

jtsliker (author)  randofo3 months ago

In lesson 1 you state "Below is a list of the tools you will need for this class. ". And in the question sections there are many references to class projects. It would be better if you said that the projects have been removed but can be found at that URL and then at the appropriate place in each lesson refer to the corresponding project and where to find it.

Thanks for the reply. I enjoyed the class and learned from it but, for me, it would have been better to apply the lesson material with a project before moving on.