Non battery power supply?

I was to use a stationary large dc motor, what non battery 24volt power supplies would work?

jwhitmor2 days ago

Sometimes a large DC motor can be powered by a battery charger if the charger is rated for enough amps. I have seen DC welders used also, but you must determine the setting that gives the proper voltage for the motor. None of these are ideal, but may work if you are careful. I powered a DC motor with a surplus (used) computer "server" power supply. The server power supply was rated for 74 amps of 12 Vdc. I had a solid state (mosfet PWM) speed controller in the circuit to control the speed, and to "soft start" (slowly spin up) the motor so it did not draw excessive current while starting. You could also build your own supply from a transformer, and a full wave diode rectifier, or make a motor-generator set by driving a 24 Vdc alternator with a line powered AC motor, or a gasoline (petrol), natural, gas (methane), propane, alcohol, or diesel fuel engine.