Now that there are "Go PRO!" stuff does that mean that i will be treated like an unregistered member?

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Pro Features Include

  • PDF Downloads
  • Allsteps Preference
  • Rich Media Version
  • Pro Badge
  • Digital Patches
  • Less Advertising
  • Private Projects
  • Members-only Forums
  • Favorites List
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I remember that before i registered i had to register to see all steps on one page and(i think) PDF download of Instructables out there So i registered Here And Loved it.
But Now, Pro?
Does that mean that just members will be treated by the system like an unregistered member by not having all steps on one page and such?
this is really dissapointing, More ads Everywhere and now You have to pay?
This is looking like on of those sick websites that have questions that you have to register to see the answers, And then you have to pay to your registered account to really see answers.

Picture of Now that there are "Go PRO!" stuff does that mean that i will be treated like an unregistered member?
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ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
Its kind of weird, its been several months now, and i still have allsteps, that is all i car about, im happy.
munchman8 years ago
I have no problem with Pro, but taking things away from us???? Seriously, if you want to keep the site running, don't make it's members hate you!

Alternatives to pro:
  • Donate button
  • Ads purchased by people, not just google
  • Sell more than just t-shirts
They are not taking anything away. They told everyone when they added those features, that they would be able to use them for a short time to see what pro was like. You were just given features that you could try. If you want to keep these features, then pay the dollar ninty-five a month. Its not that much.
ReCreate (author)  bmlbytes8 years ago
Yes they are, I can No longer Download A PDF, Or anything of the basic stuff.
No they are not taking it away, your free trial of it expired. The PDF was part of the trial that they let you have for free to try the pro features.
ReCreate (author)  bmlbytes8 years ago
They are taking it away, For 1+ Years i have had and enjoyed those features, Now they make up some random crap(Aka a free trial) and then have an excuse to remove it.
They need to pay bills, it's where they get money, the members that do pay are helping keep this site running, if no one paid, this site would most likely be gone.
ReCreate (author)  mg0930mg8 years ago
Who cares(no offense meant), Im probably going to go pro soon...(how ironic XD)
I'm getting it at the end of september. :)
ReCreate (author)  mg0930mg8 years ago
I'm getting it as soon as a "donation" is made to my paypall account =)
Which should be this week.
ReCreate (author)  bmlbytes8 years ago
the suddenly invented free trial disappeared, aka features are being stripped away.
No before pro we had it.
but that 1.95 a month is the 1 year plan so its more of a $24
Also, donate buttons do not work. You have to give people incentive.
You mean like providing a great service that people would want to donate to? If Instructables had that, I'd donate. owait. they do.
ReCreate (author)  munchman8 years ago
I agree, Don't take anything already existing away from us, Add Extra stuff.
goeon ReCreate8 years ago
just go pro man its not that bad i got a 2 year 40 is a good deal
ReCreate (author)  goeon8 years ago
I would if i could, But I have no money, And no desire to do it either.
goeon ReCreate8 years ago
ReCreate (author)  goeon8 years ago
goeon ReCreate8 years ago
Go pro anys ways
ReCreate (author)  goeon8 years ago
I agree with goeon, go pro even if you think you shouldn't.
ReCreate (author)  bmlbytes8 years ago
OK, I will do that right after 20 dollars flies out of my magic hat.
You better go check your magic hat.
ReCreate (author)  bmlbytes8 years ago
Sorry, My magic hat returned $0 Dollars
Did it return anything you can sell for $20?
ReCreate (author)  bmlbytes8 years ago
hmm...Let me check...Well it returned a few stuff, of which are in use and cannot be sold...
you shouldn't have gotten the $20 magic hat.
ReCreate (author)  toogers8 years ago
$20 Magic hats dont exist
ReCreate (author)  munchman8 years ago
Um...Im Not Eric, Eric said that it is for profit and cannot deserve a donate button He also said that he had wanted sell more than t-shirts but will try pro maddness first. He did not say much about ads though.
I know, that last part was addressed to the world, but this pro stuff is, s you out it, madness!
ReCreate (author)  munchman8 years ago
but this pro stuff is, s you out it, madness!
What do you mean s you out it?
theburn78 years ago
Stop being a baby and leave.
ReCreate (author)  theburn78 years ago
ReCreate (author)  theburn78 years ago
Derin ReCreate8 years ago
ReCreate (author)  Derin8 years ago
if i have to pay to use this website, i am offered top photographer position again at wikihow
Matt214978 years ago
And the funny part is most of them arent even pro iblers who pay. The people who are actually deserve pro were given it free.
ReCreate (author)  Matt214978 years ago
Could you rephrase that?
Alot of the people who went pro arent like actually pros on instructables So i think they should rename it.
Being a 'pro' has nothing to do with it. If they paid, they deserve that.
ReCreate (author)  Matt214978 years ago
Derin8 years ago
I am currently a paying member for another website that bills $7 a month.I didn't pro here,since I protest this.The other site is a game and people started getting labeled member,and nonmember for paying and free respectively.This is probably what will happen to this site too.
toogers Derin8 years ago
would that be runecscape you're playing?
toogers toogers8 years ago
nvm, it's club penguin.
ReCreate (author)  Derin8 years ago
*sigh* thats sad...
Matt214978 years ago
Hey to break it to you, But we are slowly getting our freedom stripped away. Orangeboards stopped working (onlly on some peoples) Allsteps default was taken away. And aparently it looks like our favorites list has been stripped clean of us "poverty stricken". I can understand adding more like what they do on some websites. But here all that there doing is adding patches and stripping away everything else.
ReCreate (author)  Matt214978 years ago
Yeah, In noticed that Only "Pro" Members have posted in my orangeboard. Its a shame this happened, And its a shame that eric is doing such things.
i can still post on orangeboards just not the ones wit'h a bunch of comments. The same thing happens to pros I just decided to adress that here as well.
ReCreate (author)  Matt214978 years ago
I cant post on any orangeboards, even empty ones.
Oh its not like that for me.
ReCreate (author)  Matt214978 years ago
Your Probably pro...
Now your just confusing me the only time when it calls me pro is when Im at the bottom of the page for set all steps as default it says im a pro but im not.
ReCreate (author)  Matt214978 years ago
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Unlike the "sick" web sites, most of Ibles is remaining free and open. If you want to enjoy the site to its' fullest, you have to help pay the bills. . It's a shame that Robot can't afford to keep the site running on ad revenue alone, but it appears that he is doing his best to have the least impact on users of any status. Some will be hurt, but that just how this cold, cruel world operates. Would it be better to pull the plug on the site and hurt everyone? . As much as you have (ab)used Ibles, you should be glad to chip in the pittance Robot is asking for. As of now, 35 ppl think it's a pretty good deal and it appears that some of them registered just to subscribe.
But now theres three robots! And Still they should be adding features not stripping the existing away.
ReCreate (author)  Matt214978 years ago
ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
Wow The article already updated
I understand your outrage. But they gotta pay bills too. I probably won't upgrade and remain, in every way, the lowest class of person. P.S. are you the one to update the article...???
ReCreate (author)  Bardouv8 years ago
One thing that better stay is the all steps on one page thing, If not, An Epic Debate/Poll/Petition will start.
ILL HELP. o crap, my caps lock has been on for a while, anyway, if this turns out to take away my rights as a registered member, then I will ditch this place and go back to wikihow as a top photographer
ReCreate (author)  theburn78 years ago
Well...that won't help...
its called a "boycott" (Im a hippie protester)
ReCreate (author)  theburn78 years ago
Ah well...I don't think that would work too well...
If you leave, they dont get money from the ads
ReCreate (author)  theburn78 years ago
lol i have an adblocker running, its been blocking the ads since the day they started becoming obnoxious and messy.
where do i get that
ReCreate (author)  Chromatica8 years ago
google adblock plus, its a free firefox addon
thanks I have it now
ReCreate (author)  Chromatica8 years ago
>:) <-- Evil laugh face
Derin ReCreate8 years ago
I had a workaround for secondary images
ReCreate (author)  Derin8 years ago
>:=) <--- Even more evil face!
I know. You can still download PDF's, but the link is no longer near the steps.
ReCreate (author)  Bardouv8 years ago
Yes But now that? They should have put something like donate, Or something. This place is starting too look like one of those fake/ripoff sites
what??? i can still have all steps, pdf downloads, and favorites, and i'm not pro... they haven't taken anything away...
ReCreate (author)  AnarchistAsian8 years ago
Not yet...Just recently They just made up some random crap...i think it was something like a free trial of 3 months...Yeah
I don't know, It seems that some of the features have been removed from non "Pro" members. One thing I have noticed is that there isn't any spell check button at the bottom of the comment thing anymore...
I actually only realised there was a blank space. I don't use IS spell check, Just firefox.
ReCreate (author)  munchman8 years ago
Ha, Same here.
ReCreate (author)  thermoelectric8 years ago
Its a bug, Don't you think this has gone a bit over board?
Yes. But just copy the link of the unpublished instructable and send it, now its private. :-)
ReCreate (author)  Yerboogieman8 years ago
Well anyone can see the link of the unpublished i'ble It not too secure though