Of all the LCD Projector Projects?

No one tells how to wire them up ! Like which wires go to what , like video input where to hook up an rca type connection or which wires to splice to, power and how much power to where!! Maybe I'm just not techie enough!

gmxx8 years ago
most of the lcd projectors take apart an existing lcd or laptop display. when you put it together, make sure that all of the connections are plugged back into it's original connection.
windsorbug (author)  gmxx7 years ago
But what wires in the ribbon go to where ?
gmxx windsorbug7 years ago
the ribbon cables should just go back in the original slots. the rca and wall poer cables should be reconnected as if the mod diddnt happen
frollard8 years ago
As zerogx says - they start with a working tv, monitor, or laptop. The only connectors to the lcd themselves are the ribbon cables that you disconnected when you took the monitor apart to reveal the lcd - free from its original backlight. Procedure: disassemble, put in projection enclosure, reassemble, hook up as you would before you took the tv apart.