Ok, so MIG welders cost THOUSANDS... (Miller MIGs anyway)?

Why not a class for the more affordable and common stick welders???

audreyobscura8 months ago

This class is geared towards MIG welding because it is what most educational institutions use to teach welding. In the future perhaps we can put our heads together at Instructables HQ and build out an arc welding curriculum.

There are plenty of inexpensive mig welders available. Miller has some lower price (for Miller) as well as Lincoln, Hobart (Made by Miller), Everlast, AHP, etc. My first welder was a Clarke 180 Mig that I bought new on Ebay for $300. There are plenty of them. Multi-Process units from pretty much all of the above for $700 and up. Find many good used machines on Ebay, CraigsList, etc. for very little money. Best thing to do is decide what you want to pay, look at the ratings for the machines in that price range and buy the one you feel is right for you. Read the owner's manual and go for it. Welding is like anything you want to do well, it takes practice, practice, and practice.