Ok so i play minecraft and use skype only, Would a computer like this do (look below){and if not send me an example}?

This is what im looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371024933345

If this isnt good for what i said above send me an  example link plz

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kevincity228 (author) 3 years ago

Oh i already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers (how do u think im talking right now my good sir) thanks for the link tho XD. and im using Dxtory(recording software) which without skype runs fine on my 4gb computer right now. and my budget is like 950$ close tho XD

how do u think im talking right now my good sir

Smartphone ? Friends computer ? Mum's computer ?

Well the mid level Alienware gives you a slightly better CPU and more RAM, which will help ensure you can game, record and skype with no problems. The video card on both systems is more than enough for the game.


kevincity228 (author) 3 years ago

lol i lost the other question on accident

Why start a new topic with the same question? Should have just continued the conversation in your last thread.The PC you linked to is pretty much the same as you where looking at in the last thread. Only real difference is this one is Blue rather than green.

As post before me don't go with anything off e-bay. If you don't know enough to build your own PC then it's best to go with a known brand that offers warranties. If something goes wrong with that PC the person who sold it to you isn't going to provide any support.

I'm guessing your budget is under $800. So get yourself a low end Alienware (AKA, DELL) computer. $699 gets you the tower ready to go that can easily handle minecraft and recording. Granted you won't be getting 100FPS while recording but FRAPS limits your FPS to 30 while recording anyway.


Keep in mind that is only for the PC. You get no assessors (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers). As you can see on the site you can customize it more but you really have no need too. Unless you need the accessories, but you don't really need more RAM. You could ad more if you feel the need.

FarmerKJS3 years ago

i would just get a fully custom pc from hp direct much better than ebay or amazon i have had much better resualts from hp but thats just my opinion