Once a bottom round roast is cooked but is too tuff to chew can anything be done to make itb eatable?

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Doctor What8 years ago
 Slather it in gravy.  More like drown it.  But it isn't really worth it.  Just chuck it out.
Is that what you call a "Chuck roast"?

(no one pays me to be funny!)
There may be a reason for that...
Yup. My intellect is worth considerably more.
I want to make a comment on 'your two cents worth' and authors making five cents a word...  : )

BUT...I don't get paid to be funny either.
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All meat is good meat!
 Unless that meat tastes like cardboard!
Z..8 years ago
I would mince it.

You can then layer it for lasagna.
Shepherd's Pie (English)
Cottage Pie (Same)
Fill a crusty loaf with it, and bake that in foil.

Mince it!
jtobako8 years ago
Keep cooking it.  Onions cooked with it can soften the meat.  Vinegar based condiments like ketchup will add flavor and tenderness if added early.
Mmmmm onions...darned onions will be my downfall. god but I love stewed, grilled, sauteed onions...
Prfesser8 years ago
I think seandogue has the right idea but some specifics:  cut it into bite-size pieces, add beef stock in a slow cooker and set it for 4-6 hrs on low.  Check a few bites after that time, and if it's tender add a bag of frozen vegetables and a chopped peeled potato, cook another hour or til tender.

No slow cooker?  Bring it to a boil on the stove, cover, and set to low, allow to simmer for 2-3 hours then check.

One other thing to try:  see if slicing it into very thin (1/8" or less) slices across the grain makes any difference.

Hope this helps.
I go with you on this on the slow.

lemonie8 years ago
Red meat goes through stages:
Rare - barely cooked, but warm
Medium - cooked enough
Done - no longer pink / red
Well-done - like any of the above, but heavily browned on the outside.
Then you're into "tough". This is the effect of heat on the flesh, and from this point on you need to keep cooking it until it relaxes.
Put it in a pot with some vegetables and stock/water and gently stew it for a couple of hours until it is soft.

JimFlo8 years ago
Yeah, it's good. Cut it thin or small ACROSS the grain. That makes the fibers short and much more easily chewed. Gravy or sauce to literally lubricate it , or soup, stew, wet cook some more.  Good stuff.

I'm not a vegetarian, but I eat animals that are...
Good point about cutting cross grain. I do that with uncooked meat that I already know is a "tough cut", prior to cooking...
seandogue8 years ago
Slice it up and cook it into a sauce for use with noodles or rice, or use it in a soup.
Yes!  Call me when it's ready.  A little wine would go nicely also.
Heck, enough wine and you're guests won't even know it's tough. or if they do, they won't care