Only one armpit smells?

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You have a blocked nostril ?
seandogue7 years ago
varying numbers of sweat glands? A localized flurry of growth activity in the bacteria under that armpit? Try wiping your underarms with paper towels soaked in isopropyl alcohol routinely for a few weeks and see if that doesn't minimize the problem. In general, my right side gets rank far quicker than the left, btw.
+1. Bilateral symmetry is never more than approximate anyway, and less so during and shortly after puberty.

yup. the classic example I've personally seen (and heard countless complaints from women about, although aside from bizarre circumstance is quite minimal in mos cases) is non symmetrical breast size.
That Inventor Dude (author) 7 years ago
come to think of it, some body parts grow faster than the others during puberty if your nose becomes adult size but your head is still child like you have to wait for your body to catch up
rickharris7 years ago
If your feet smell and your nose runs - You have been built upside down!
Re-design7 years ago
Are you putting more deodorant under your non-dominant arm using your stronger dominant arm?
orksecurity7 years ago
I can't smell with either armpit, just with my nose.