Oops, now what?

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bumpus8 years ago
If only there was something, like, with steps.. No, not a stair-case, something light-weight, and portable..
Super_Nerd6 years ago
Build a giant robot to go get it.
Write a script to virtually get.
Play a record player that continuously says, "Get down broom"

That's what I would do...

An Villain8 years ago
toelle8 years ago
Turn the house upside down.
Shoot it! Like Homer!
blkhawk8 years ago
Buy or rent an expandable ladder. If you are a homeowner you should have a ladder!
TNEN8 years ago
Turn around and cry.
bazalaz8 years ago
make a grappling hook
Joe Martin8 years ago
Try throwing a small child or animal up there to retrieve the lost items.