Op Amp Distorion oscillates when on high distortion?

I'm making an op amp distortion pedal, but as I turn up the gain, its starts squealing just when the crunchiness starts sounding good! Is there any way I can stop the oscillation?

8bit (author) 8 years ago
How does it work?
jeff-o 8bit8 years ago
I *think* what you're encountering is actually feedback. If you could watch the input on a scope, you'd probably see the waveform sitting on a DC rail (ie. something other than 0V), slowly rising towards the positive power supply voltage. The input resistor pulls it back down.
insomartin8 years ago
i used the 10k trick too, listen if that is a 60hz hum you might need little filtering.
jeff-o8 years ago
Try putting a 10k resistor from the input of the op amp to ground. That's all I can suggest without seeing the circuit.