Opinions on drop riffle sluice boxes?

So I am going to make a drop riffle sluice box but before I do I thought I would see what people think of them... Are they as good as traditional sluices or should I save the wood and just keep panning?? Thanks

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If you are just checking spots for potential you can process more debris faster than panning and they are more mobile than a traditional sluice.

I would say it would depend on how rugged your terrain is, for very rugged terrain panning is best.


camping crazy (author)  Josehf Murchison3 years ago

I definetly rely on panning but it gets pretty boring so Ill try the one I made. Hell I never find gold anyway so who cares if it works!!

Processing more debris may help then.

The three places I sample are:

Fast rivers with bends that create a slow spot where the river deposits sand and pebbles after the bend.

The other spot I check is in rivers that run over the bead rock, I check the cracks in the bead rock or holes that fill with debris.

And the third place I check is road construction where they have cut the road through a hills bead rock, look for quarts vanes and black stone the black stone may have a green shiny ting to it that is gold.


petercd3 years ago

Ive never seen one so I had to google them. :)

Seems to me that it can only be an improvement on the pan, all it costs is one plank for the bottom with grooves routed in it, 2 sides, a bit of sealer and voila... cheap experiment with great returns.

camping crazy (author)  petercd3 years ago

Yah I went ahead and made one have yet to see how it works though should work fine...