Overhead projector bulbs, AC or DC?

I have some quartz projector bulbs, do they run on AC or DC power?

kelseymh8 years ago

Look at the markings on the bulbs, and use Google to find the specifications. Some projector bulbs run directly off of AC, some have AC-to-DC low voltage converters in the projectors.
Give em back, they're expensive. Dummy.
seconded...most people shouldn't have their hands on some unless they have a projector.
frollard8 years ago
usually they are AC halogen bulbs - but take that with a grain of salt. Not all are created equal. A 12V bulb with have fatter electrodes on an 'insert and twist' base. AC bulbs will have straight 'push insert' pins. Most old-skool overhead projectors don't have much for circuitry in them (if any) except for the cooling fan - thus they couldn't run a DC bulb on mains voltage.