PC Game Controller Question

I want to buy the Logitech ChillStream PC game controller. I want this specific controller because it has the same layout as the Xbox 360 controller, but is much cheaper (from Ebay).  My computer is running Windows 7. I was wondering if there was a program that I can download, or that comes with the controller that lets me customize it for use with different games. Maybe let me navigate the computer with it, then choose or customize a new profile to play the new Split/Second PC game.

kcls (author) 7 years ago
Well, even if it doesn't come with it, I've got fast internet, so its no big deal. I'm pretty sure it will though, it was listed as "new", but you know how that goes.
kcls (author) 7 years ago
Great! Thanks. I just ordered one from ebay. For some reason, even from a positive seller, the PC version only cost 13 bucks! What a deal! Usually they cost, like, 30.