PIC Programmer Com Port?

yesterday, I bought a PIC16F877A Microcontroller and This programmer. I also installed PicPro USB. I am using the serial to usb cable that came with it. The programmer has a location of  Port_#0001.Hub_#0009 in device manager. Now when I open PicPro USB and set it to  port 1, It gives me an error saying: There appears to be a problem accessing the COM port. I cant seem to find whats wrong.
I think that It is connected to port 24 (hence its name: Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM24) ) and the problem with PicPro USB is that it can only have 1 digit port numbers, how do I fix that?

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IbrahimA72 years ago

hello , i connected the serial port to my laptop and the driver was installed successfully but when i open the program it said There appears to be a problem accessing the COM port, i tried to change the com port to COM 2 , but it didn't work , i have a windows 7 on my laptop , plz any can help ??

Hazem.Net5 years ago
Of course you can not change the PicPro and make it accept more than one digit.
However,you can change the port number. Doing the following:
1- Open Device Manager
2- Click "Ports(COM&LPT)
3- Right Click on USB Serial Port(COM24)
4- Select Properties
5- Select "Port Setting" Tab
6- Click "Advanced"
7- From "COM Port Number" select COM1 or COM2 as you want ,even if the port is "in use".
iceng6 years ago
Usually PicPro has an edit com port, then you might have to reinstall.
Did you text mchip help ?

Seifpic (author)  iceng6 years ago
It does, but it is limited to only 1 digit Com Ports
iceng Seifpic6 years ago
Two more thoughts;
  • Look into your device manager ( from control panel ) then open the Universal Serial Bus Manager and double click to get status on each
  • Had a desk top unit, where I bought extra USB ports to solve a similar hangup.