I've worked in an office my whole life, and everyone has the same problem.  Little noogies of paper with passwords written on them, scratched over, hardly legible, etc.  There would be a boatload of moolah for anyone who could find a way to store passwords to whatever website needs them on your own personal USB drive!  IF this does exist, could someone let  me know? 

Download KeePass Password Safe Portable,it is a free application available at and is a Cnet editors top pick.

Good Luck
Vyger6 years ago
A program called RoboForm keeps track of all your passwords and logins. I don't know if they have a usb version.

Another program that I really like is called XMarks. This program creates an online account for you where it stores your browser bookmarks, history, passwords and open tabs. Once it has synced all your settings you can access it from any computer anywhere and have it make available all your bookmarks , tabs, ect. Its a free program. They were going to close it down but so many people offered them payments to keep running that they kept going. I believe it was recently bought out.
They have a facebook page.
aelias366 years ago
Download Firefox (or Chrome), go to preferences>security>use master password. Put in a master password, and log in to a website. When asked, select 'remember password for this site.' Now, whenever you open Firefox, it asks for your master password, and once you navigate to a website to log in, it puts in your username and password for you! Voila! I use it all the time, and this method works great.

Alternatively, you can download Firefox portable (Google it) onto a flash drive and do all of your web browsing from there. Same concept as above.