PS3 or Xbox?

Basically, I've been on the fence for a while on whether or not to buy a PS3 or Xbox 360? I've finally decided to get one of them, but which one exactly? I've been kinda leaning towards PS3, as it has free online multiplayer, but what with the new, sleeker Xbox 360, and Natal *ahem* I mean, Kinect, I sorta want to get an Xbox, though I don't enjoy the fact that multiplayer costs money, however cheap it may be. Could someone help me, the late adapter decide? I'd be much obliged. 

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Tchnclfl7 years ago
I vote Xbox. Especially due to the newly released Kinect. The Live isn't as bad as you'd think. As long as you buy it for a year at a time, it's not nearly as expensive as month-by-month. Plus Xbox live has serious gamers. Like kcls said, the Arcade price is great right now, and the PS3 is WAY more expensive (even though you do get a Blu-Ray player). Personally, I've no idea why the Xbox 360 Slim doesn't have a Blu-Ray player! I suppose the price would have been higher than $300, but still, it seems like an important feature for the future.
modaawesome5 years ago
Ps3 does everything but x-box is really good at what it does+ xbox comes with 2 gb's of memory ps3 has 360 gb's
Tucber6 years ago
Easily an Xbox 360.
1) Way cheaper even if you add a years subscription to live.
2) The controllers are more comfortable and aren't really small like PS3 controllers are.
3) They have loads of exclusive games such as the Fable trilogy, the Halo saga, Gears of War, Oblivion, Fallout 3 etc. I found that in 2007 Xbox had 91 exclusive games and PS3 had 44.
4) And to top it all off PS3 stole the Spider Man font! =)
Or better yet get the WII. It's not made by the makers of winblows, it has Zelda, and did not rip off the spiderman font, plus it can play GameCube games.
Torpe7 years ago
Get the PS3. PSN(playstation network, online) doesn't cost, whereas xbox live costs. Also, PS3 can run blu-ray.
nfk11 Torpe6 years ago
oh and it has WaW.and its so awesome.i go with you man
Splicer02 Torpe7 years ago
Im not sure but I think that while xbox live (gold) does cost so that you can play online, it also gives you more options than PSN such as free downloadable content and just a better Live experience. I do not have a PS3 but I do have and Xbox and I believe that xbox has better games such as Halo, Fable, Oblivion, Fallout and Gears of War (i dont know if any of these are on the playstation). I also prefer the controller. However, while I have never had a problem, I have heard that xbox is not as reliable as its Sony counterpart. Also xbox 360 can play origional xbox games while ps3 cannot play ps2 games (which were inexpensive and brilliant).
All in all i suggest the xbox but its really up to you.
FUK THE PS3 !@#$%^T%$#$%^&U*&^%$%^%$#$%^%$# GET AN XBOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NatNoBrains6 years ago
I know you've already chosen a 'Best Answer', but just for the sake of it I vote Xbox 360
Let me preface my suggestion with this statement "I am a PS3 FANBOY, and am not a big fan of anything put out by M$." I guess it would depend on whether or not there are certain titles you are looking to play. Xbox exclusivly has the Halo and Gears of War titles, whereas PS3 has God of War, and Little Big Planet. Just to name some. I personally got a PS3 for a few reasons. 1) Online play is free. 2) It has a blu-ray player. 3) Online play is free. 4) I am a God of War fan. So basically you need to find out what most of your gaming friends have and get that.
I bought a X-box 360 about 1 or 2 years ago when my old X-box died. It was new and came broken. Around Christmas time, I saved my money and bought a PS3. Everything was great but it would have problems like randomly turning off. ;___;
tincanz7 years ago
ps3, It has LittleBigPlanet!!!
kcls7 years ago
Get the Xbox! Now that the new Xbox 360 (or "Xbox 360 Stealth" as Engadget is calling it) is out, microsoft is reducing the price of the Xbox 360 Arcade to $160 or something close to that. It's the deal of a lifetime!