PSP 3000 hack for firmware 6.20?

Is ther any way possible to hack a psp 3000 with firmware version 6.20. Using any thing like magic memory stick,pandora battery,ect...

They are not there yet but they are getting very close. the way in wich the psp 3000 motherboard is designed, and sony's firmware for 6.20, makes it extremly hard but they have been working on it for a while and they are making progress. if you really feel a need to hack it right now you have 2 options, one, you could learn basic programing and C++ programming and try to make the e-loader, or you can buy and install a different motherboard from an older model. but i would just wait. Oh and the new psp 3000 dosen't work with pandora and a magic memory stick, you can blame sony for that.
Hope this helps...
They don't have CFW still but but recently somebody found a way to get homebrew to work. Here's a tutorial that I used to do it: No iso's or anything only homebrew and emulators. Have fun.
Yes and they probably won't be making CFW because of the whole illegal business but they will be improving on the HBL (half byte loader) which like TheSaltyDalty says you will be able to play SOME homebrew and SOME emulators because some don't work yet
At the moment it plays picodrive very well ans snes well but i do have a little  problem trying to start snes9xtyl (it just freezes,but this is rare) but all my roms work fine.

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