PSP digital picture frame?

i got a busted psp...and i was wondering if i cud turn it into a digital picture frame jus dosent read the games..but ti think the lcd shud still be valuable...instructables anyone?!!

codongolev8 years ago
yes. there is a slideshow setting, and if you took it apart and added a frame, it would make a nice lcd frame. but I don't think you should go that route. find someone with a hacked psp, and hack your own. then just download free homebrew games (not official sony ones, though, that's illegal) instead of umds. I actually haven't used an led in about half a year and I use my psp almost daily.
yeah crazytrain its even got settings for slideshow. if
you cant do that i know you can play video from the psp onto another screen, i imagine you could rig it to connect to a portable lcd, maybe load games from the memory stick.

  • i know i've seen a program somewhere that makes the psp act like a second moniter.
might help if u could explain what exactly will and wont work on the psp and just go from there :)

does it still turn on? If so isnt there a way to load photos on it CT320