PSU converted to Lab supply shuts down when anything bigger then a fan is connected?

have converted PSU over and it runs small fans just fine but i try to connect anything larger and it shuts off. how do i figurer out what is causing this to happen?

more: it is a 200w computer PSU trying to power a moblie ham radio max draw 6 amps

rickharris7 years ago
I think it's fair to say the PSU is protecting it's self from what it sees as an overload.

Without more information it isn't possible to do more than guess why.

bpv7 years ago
Could it be you're using -12V (usually is a blue wire on PSU) or -5V (usually a white wire) outputs, which are underpowered (0.5 / 0.8 A max)? That would be a good reason for the PSU to shut down to protect itself.
lemonie7 years ago

What type, which output(s) are you trying, and what is it that's bigger than a fan?

What kind of PSU ? A PC one ?