What is the best way to make a raft out of pvc to drag a cooler behind a canoe with out causing to much drag

Vyger5 years ago
I would suggest trying a rhombus (diamond) design. It will be a little difficult cutting the angles and joining the tubes but it should give you the least amount of drag. With the diamond pointing towards the movement through the water the force of the water on the sides would help to stabilize it so it would track in a straight line and the rear diamond would allow the wake to form around the back which would minimize the turbulence on the back side. Something with a flat front will cause a lot of drag.
Vyger5 years ago
By the way, if you have trouble getting the joints water tight you can simply fill the pipes with a foam type insulation. Something like the "great stuff" that is used in construction. It expands to fill the voids so it would be a simple thing to drill a few holes in the top and insert the filler straw and pump the insides full. That way you will never have a problem with it filling with water.
Make a pontoon style raft with 2 large tubes of PVC pipe caped off at the ends. Then any piece of plywood or whatnot for the deck of the raft.