Palm III and Palm VIIx uses?

Got a really old Palm III and Palm VIIx. The Palm VIIx has wireless capability, but the network was shutdown in 2004. As far as I know it should be able to connect to wifi, but can't for some reason. Anyway, anyone have any ideas for these besides as paperweights? I would really like to use them for something. I can't really use them for data storage since I only have around 8MB of room, but I heard something about linux for them?? The IR function could be useful for something too I suppose. Any ideas would be appreciated!


frollard6 years ago
They make great palm organizers, holding thousands of contacts and notes on a touch interface.
+1. If what you're looking for is an organizer, the Palm ran rings around most of the alternatives. (Blackberry may give Palm a run for its money, admittedly.) 8MB is a LOT of addresses and appointments and to-do lists.

I'm still on the Palm platform, having replaced my old one (roughly a Palm III equivalent) with a used Treo.

There's a Gnu-based development environment for them if you want to develop new applications. And there are a lot of free apps available.

There are several Palm-related Instructables; some are listed under Related at right.
queer13 years ago

I would like to know what i can do with my palm vIIx too I no longer have the hotsync cradle , but i know my macbook pro early 2011 can communicate with infrared devices. any ideas?

Take a look at - palm as the "brain" for a robot kit