Pan pastel weirdness - any ideas on causes?

These pastels were relatively smooth - aside from use - two years ago. They have never been exposed to moisture other than that in the air.  They have been in a heated dry place in a covered box.  I opened them for the first time in two years today and found some 'erupting' with white stuff.  I'm guessing crystals  of some sort... or maybe a very strange mold. Has anyone else had this happen or know what causes it?

Picture of Pan pastel weirdness - any ideas on causes?
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mole1 (author) 6 years ago
Aha! Framistan, your answer made me look for the manufacturer - the right thing to do.
NOT made in China.
They were made here... by colorfin. I sent them email last night. As of this morning, they are paying to have the weird ones shipped back to them (so they can figure it out) AND sending me replacement colors. How cool is that?!

Things can always go wrong, but you have to love a company that does everything it can to make it right. Three cheers for PanPastels - made in the USA.
lemonie6 years ago
Sounds likely.
framistan6 years ago
I would suspect the paints were made in China. The Chinese are very clever people. They possibly have discovered how to place some kind of toxic industrial waste into their paints. That way, they can dispose of toxic waste AND make money doing it by selling it to westerners. They did that with drywall once here in the USA. They were placing copper sulfate into drywall panels. Trouble was that people began suspecting something was wrong when the copper pipes in NEW houses started to corrode just being exposed to the air.
Lol! Yeah, the Romans did it to themselves with lead pipes, but the Chinese are assisting us...