Paper and pencil games

I am writing an Instructable detailing the rules of several paper-and-pencil games, and have searched extensively over the net, catalouging all the ones I could find. I'm currently asking the Instructables community to give me ideas of ones I should include. My current list is:


Dots and Boxes



Graph racers

Paper Soccer

Deadman (A game invented by me)

Something like this game:


ShortCut (Also known as the Shannon switching game)

Three Mens Morris



Any other ones you can think of?

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seandogue7 years ago

dungeon runner (author)  seandogue7 years ago
Could you explain the game a bit more, or provide a link to the rules?

This is a rough idea of how to play. May go by another name somewhere else.

flip coin, rock paper scissor, etc. for first move.

Purpose: Create an unbroken bridge of lines from your side of the board to the opponents side of the board and block your opponent from achieving same


Create a square grid of NxN dots


1 Player A cannot use any points used by player B and visa versa
2 Both Players can use horizontal or vertical lines to create a bridge section.



1. first person draws a line between two adjacent points anywhere in the grid

2. second person draws a line between two adjacent points anywhere in the grid (except where violates rule1)

got to Repeat
dungeon runner (author)  seandogue7 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion! I will add that to the instructable.

I hope you give it a whirl. Funny how many of the old "goodies" are being lost to vid games.

Did the instructions make enough sense for you to play?
dungeon runner (author)  seandogue7 years ago
Made perfect sense, thanks. It's certainly a shame that games like this are being forgotten to new things like Halo.

I've decided to release the games as individual instructables as part of a series, that way I can release them in pieces instead of all at once. Sprouts is down, just released another for a game called Pencil Wars. Check it out.

its too bad about this game, the person who begins has a distinct advantage, which was proven mathematically (but i didnt understand it =P) after i learned that it was so skewed, i stopped playing in favor of dots and boxes (with a few spiced up rules, theres an instructable on it)
dungeon runner (author)  neomancer457 years ago
Funny thing; That instructable was the inspiration for this project!
origamiwolf7 years ago
Eat Poop You Cat.
dungeon runner (author)  origamiwolf7 years ago
Ha ha, I actually thought you were joking for a couple days there, but then I saw the BoardGameGeek article on it. Cool game!
Burf7 years ago
Battleship (my brother and I used to play this using graph paper)

dungeon runner (author)  Burf7 years ago
Everyone already knows how to play hangman, so maybe I'll list some variations.

Battleship is a good one, I'll add that.

Tic-Tac-Toe gets pretty boring after you realize that as long as no-one makes a mistake, it will always end in a tie. SOS and OXO are both variations, which is why I listed them.

tang65677 years ago
the doodle gameyou draw a random doodle and your friend has to add to it, resulting in a really weird picture.