Where is a really cheap source of genuine 550 paracord for cheap, like $6.00 for 100 feet

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Cpt Squishy6 years ago
On the Amazons ( you can get 100 ft for 7.50$(just checked) and they have 10 or so different colors!
Either your internet is horrible, or you just havent looked, go to they have multiple lengths and its relatively cheap.
nickodemus7 years ago
Check on , they should have it pretty cheap in bulk.
I LOVE that store. There is a brick and mortar store about 5 miles from me. I went there weekly for the first 4-5 years it was open. I've spent WAY too much money there. Hum, maybe I'll swing by there at lunch and see what's changed.
I bet the prices have changed... tenfold.
kelseymh7 years ago
On Google.
I looked all over google and couldn't find any paracord. I even used maps and streetview. I'm so confused. I uploaded a picture to be humourous, but IE sucks so hard it won't let me upload it and attach it to a message... Rest assured, there should be a picture of below.

Oh, silly me! I should have said in Google! You'll find hundreds of Google employees sporting paracord lanyards, keyrings, and whatnot. Not to mention all the paracord-endowed golden parachutes in the upper offices.

By the way, here's your picture, courtesy of the magic of IMG:

Will any of those employees sell the author a 100 foot piece of their beloved cord for only 6 dollars though? Might be a little more expensive, like 6 dollars + all of your personal information for the rest of all time.
Hmmm... perhaps 100 Google employee would each sell a foot of paracord, for six cents plus the author's social security number and videos of his fourth birthday party?
kcls kelseymh7 years ago
That's the funniest thing I've seen all day!